Diablo Instructions

Since, Diablo II came out; various genres of high quality games which are very similar to Diablo II came out as well for the last 10 years.

Now let’s find out what has changed compared to previous series.

Diablo III displays brilliant 3D graphics not seen in Diablo II, but Diablo III doesn’t have a gloomy atmosphere from Diablo II anymore, because of fancy and colorful graphic.

In Diablo II, there were 5 characters and another 2 more characters were added through the expansion.

In Diablo III there are 5 characters which might similar to characters from Diablo II but they are all new characters, who have totally different skills.

All the characters in Diablo II had the same amount of HP and MP, but in this series every character get to have same amount of HP and different amount of MP depends on their characteristic.

Barbarian uses fury, Monk uses spirit, and Demon hunter uses hatred/discipline. From the previous series they used to use their MP by using their skills but in Diablo III they gain fury, spirit and hatred by using their skills and they can use them to defeat enemies.

There have been many changes in the skill part. In Diablo II, users could have picked their own skills whichever they wanted from the skill tree, but in Diablo III when users reach certain level, they gain skills automatically and they can mix up with other skills they have, to create their own unique character.

It seems there are lots of limitations, but that’s not the real story.

In previous series, users were able to create their own unique character by using their skill points which they get every time when they reach new level, on the skill tree. However, because of few popular powerful skills on each character, there was less diversity. Also skills could not be changed, once it had all been set up

In Diablo III, every time they level up, they automatically gain new skills which are separated by active skills and passive skills, and they can be mixed up to create a new skill for every different situation without any restrictions.

In Diablo III, users are able to register their main skill and side skill on their right and left buttons of the mouse. Also they can set up the short key (1, 2, 3, 4), for the skill runes which makes skill stronger, and passive skill which improves character’s ability.

Therefore, by using all these skills, it is now possible to create more than 10 billion skills on each character.

Above all, it is possible to recreate many different skills, for every different situation by mixing up skills. It is no longer necessary to raise many different characters for experience the unique of each character, since it is possible to play the game with more strategy for skills.

Diablo 2 – A Very Addictive Game

The grade of addiction that Diablo 2 creates on whoever plays it, is beyond any thing you have ever imagined. Now with some new Diablo 2 items it is even more addictive. Many avid game players have been waiting for the release of this new version since Blizzard announced the sequel to the much acclaimed game Diablo. Even though the wait was long, we can say it was worth the while; we are finally able to play Diablo 2 and you should get your agenda well prepared, as you will need to spend many hours of your time, playing this game.

This new version of Diablo has new distinct characteristics. In this version, we will be able to play with two new characters, named Necromace and Amazona, in addition to the original characters in the previous version by the names Barbaro, Mago and Paladin. Some other new features in this new version of Diablo are the new abilities the characters will have and also some new Diablo 2 Items. Another interesting feature is that every time you pass to the next level, you will be able to make your character more specialized in something.

This game has four different Acts in all of which you will be pursuing Diablo and all its demonic brothers. You will need to complete several missions and tasks in order to advance to the next level and you will need to use some of the spells and tricks that you have learned. Every little thing you do through out the game will make your character either stronger or weaker. If you want to defeat the diabolical demons then you should be really prepared.

Diablo 2 has several games modes, all of which will make your heart jump out. Playing this game is very thrilling and you will spend many hours entertaining yourself when playing it. The new D2 items that are in this version are simply incomparable. They will make your gaming experience much more interesting and joyful. There are many items to choose from and all of them will give your character more probabilities of defeating the devil. You can either purchase some of these items or earn some by playing. The items are not very expensive and they will add a lot more excitement to your favorite game. If you love playing Diablo 2, then some of these items is just what you need and getting them is very easy.

You can visit a Diablo item store online and get some of them for your game. This is a good idea because it will be like playing a completely new game every time you add something to your character. Whatever item you choose to get, it will surely give you many new options and Diablo 2 will become even more addictive than it already was. By playing this game only once, the probabilities of you to become addicted to it are enormous, yet it is worth taking the risk.

A Powerful Way to Shed Fat and Keep it Off

The rules of burning fat and maintaining muscle are fairly simple. What I will do is try to keep the information as diluted as possible. What you should do is make sure you are applying this if your goal is rapid fat loss. Alrighty, here we go.

Fat, ladies and gentlemen, should not be confused with all calories or all weight. It seems most people will prioritize calorie burning and weight loss over fat burning. It is easy to burn calories and lose weight. However, to make sure you are prioritizing fat loss, you need to understand the basics.

The human body has a main purpose, simply to survive. Looking as good as you can naked doesn’t quite fall into the body’s protocol. The body will maintain as much muscle that is needed to meet the demands of your life on any given day. Also, the body must protect itself from a possible nuclear winter……and the way the world is going, it might just need it….so it insulates the vital organs (mainly around the core and brain area) with adipose tissue (fat).

First thing you should be clear on is fat burns in the presence of oxygen. The process is called beta oxidation. Oxidation will increase progressively during training (or most strenuous activities). The rate of oxidation is specifically determined by the energy requirements of the muscle(s) in use (for training). Fatty acid is delivered to the muscle (more specifically the muscle mitochondria), and then is used with other sources of energy. To put this in a more dilute form. Fat burning is not instantaneous when you first begin a training session. It will take an accumulation of TUT (time under tension) to begin and amplify the process. Now, the rate this fat oxidation will happen is greatly influenced by the amount of quality muscle you have on you, the nutrition that is fueling your body and your functional ability to use the most potential muscle you can during a particular exercise. Oh, and you better believe there is a HUGE difference in quality training and crappy machine based training. With quality training, the oxidative response of the muscle will deny the fatty acids to rebuild on adipose tissue and allow even more use of fatty acids to skeletal muscle (the combination of fat oxidation and lipolysis) (4).This is the “x” factor a quality workout brings. So don’t waste time doing leg press, leg curls, machine chest fly and other ridiculous machines that just waste time. Standing up and training using free weights will eliminate the ability of the body to store fat for a good duration (sometimes referred as EPOC (excessive post exercise oxygen consumption)). What this means to you is the better your workout the more your body will allow fat to be used fuel for the muscle (lipolysis) and in turn use up that fuel (fat oxidation).

Second, the big kicker and payoff for fat oxidation to continue is your ability to bring on lypolysis. I briefly touched on this process earlier, but now I will give you a better idea of what it is. Lypolysis is the breakdown of fatty acids stored in fat cells to be used as fuel(2). This should not be confused with fat oxidation. This is really the process to “allow” the body to use more fat as fuel. The actual use of the fat fuel is oxidation. Bad news is the more advance you become at training your body, the harder you have to train next time to breakdown more fat cells. The good news is the more you impose this demand for fat oxidation the more the allotted fat it will oxidize. So, if you are advanced in training, your body will use the fat broken down more thoroughly than a beginner. Hopefully it will use all of it and not restore it. It is a never ending process of getting one step ahead of your body’s natural ability to adapt. The more endurance savvy your body becomes the more efficient it will become with fat oxidation. What happens is your body will maintain oxidation of fat BUT lipolysis will be turned off (so no more additional fat is used to fuel). What this means is if you like running or biking for miles on end, there is a limit to the amount of fat you burn before your body stops burning extra fat and simply becomes efficient fueling your body with the SAME amount of fat as always. At this point the human body is saving you a lot of energy in your exercise sessions. You don’t want this if you want to burn fat. What you want is to be able to burn more fat each time you train.

In order, to lose more fatty tissue in this example, the body’s composition must enhance muscle and size (you have to put on muscle) OR the endocrine system must become more tune to attacking body fat and leaking GH (growth hormone). Supplementation of steroids is one option bodybuilder types have used to start up lipolysis again. For those wishing to do so naturally (hopefully that is everyone), eating properly and enough of the right foods (big emphasis on protein and fat), sleeping well will help along with a quality training regiment. So, you have to fuel the muscle to grow to lose more fat, sleep to recover and allow GH to increase, and train for the gusto.

Our main purpose is to increase fat oxidation to the point it is as optimal as LEGALLY and as humanly possible. A smart colleague of mine explained it like this:

“A Honda Civic and Lamborghini Diablo sit in idle at a stoplight. Which one burns more fuel?”

It would be the Diablo, for those who don’t know much about cars. The reason….it has a bigger engine under the hood or trunk (wherever they put that engine). This relates to us as well. Honda Civic type people are too efficient at what they do. They can not expect any change, unless they get a bigger engine (more muscle). Diablo type body is there …..It’s that perfect body and can maintain fat loss easier.

Not only that, the build of the engines are different. Honda Civic is endurance type and slow. This would be a good comparison to our type 1 slow twitch muscle fibers. These muscle fibers will be with us until we die. They are the muscle behind posture and survival. Very necessary muscles but they will not give you the effects of the higher levels of fat burning you seek. Then we have the Diablos big yet silent engine. This engine explodes from 0-60 in three seconds or so. This explosive nature compares to our type 2 fast twitch muscle fibers. These muscle fibers are easy to burn out. They run out of fuel fast just like the Diablo. They also give us the ability to jump, sprint, and lift maximal weight. They don’t stick around unless you use them. When you use these type 2 fibers, your body will need more fuel (fat) to oxidize. For that reason, you will have a higher potential to burn fat and keep it off. You want to look good, you have to move heavier loads and or move at maximal speed when training.

If you are with me so far, we know we need to lose fat optimally by:

1. Eating properly and enough (can’t stress that enough…you need to eat enough)

2. Train like you mean it. If you go to the gym to sit on a machine you won’t get much but a waste of time. Use the free weights and lift properly.

3. Sleep well. The body heals during your sleep and it also amplifies your GH output.

Now, fat oxidation can and will happen by aerobics and other forms of energy systems training. A dreadful long term 25k jog on the treadmill will yield fat oxidation, but it will also use just about everything else in the body to get done. Aerobics burns calories. There is a supposed fat burning zone and caloric burning zone. The fat burning zone is at a lower heart rate. This theoretically will allow for the body to only use fat. The caloric burning zone is higher and will burn calories including calories coming from fat. Let’s look at both of them:

o The major problem with the fat burning zone is the gawd-forsaken length of time you have to do it in. It simply is not optimal or efficient for most lifestyles to do aerobics for close to an hour. Not only that, the amount of fat is very minimal and your body easily adapts and prevents anymore major caloric burning.

o Then there is the caloric zone. This type of aerobics will be a shorter term for time. It is much more optimal in time, but it comes with a fallback. It burns fat and can easily burn muscle up as well. One way to prevent or minimize the cannibalization of the hard earned muscle is to do quality resistance training before aerobics. Most likely, the body will not make a meal out of the muscles that were just used.

Another form of fat burning training is high intensity interval training (HIIT). This method can be a hybrid between aerobics and resistance training. More effectively it is a maximal power combined with low impact aerobic training effort. HIIT can be coupled with training to make the fat oxidation process as fast as humanly known. For average Joe or Jane, fat oxidation with aerobics is its highest at a low to moderate intensity. However, advanced to elite athletes will find the highest fat oxidation when more a demanding intensity is placed on the body (5, 2). Maximum oxygen consumption type intensity would be a wise choice for a more advanced athlete/trainee. This training is about 3 -5 minutes long. 80 -85% of max force must be applied for short bursts, while longer duration can fall to moderate max force (1). How’s that for a fast fat burning bout!

EPOC is an effect more than a way of training. Although fat oxidation will happen during a resistance training session, it is after doing resistance training that the body will go through EPOC. What it actually does is attempt to bring your body to a recovery “normal” state, after the trauma of the session. The body actually oxidizes a whole mess of fatty acids as it calms itself and recovers. This effect can happen up to a few hours after training. Aerobics alone will most likely produce a catabolic effect (muscle wasting). Hence, a more moderate intensity of training will allow for greater fat oxidation (2, 3, 5) and combine this with a very high intense bout. The reason I say to supplement the training with bouts of high intensity is because the predominant method the body will use energy for very intense exercises is carbohydrates (glycolysis) metabolism. Unfortunately, the process of lipolysis and fat oxidation do not happen at the same time. Your body will either burn the fat OR begin gathering more fat together to get burned. So, high intensity training will block fat oxidation (2, 4) but increase lipolysis.

When it comes to burning the maximum amount of fat while sparing the muscle, these two methods should be combined. First, quality resistance training (a combination of moderate and high intensity) will spark the flame that begins to grow as the session goes. Next aerobics will take the flame and bring about an inferno. Finally, the EPOC effect will continue the fat burning for hours after training. This is fat oxidation at its finest and the key to shedding the unwanted fat and maintaining muscle.


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